Re: UNS: RE: UNS: WCAG considering amending F65 to NOT fail missing ALT text if title or aria-label is present

Hello again,

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Stefan wrote:

> No matter what property will be used, what’s been mapped into the 
> platform accessibility api by the respective user agent matters, IMHO.

Are the text alternatives only for screen readers? Are they only for 
screen readers that support WAI-ARIA? Is the screen reader the only 
consideration of the guideline 1.1 when it talks about text that "can be 
changed into other forms people need".

I know a low vision user that sometimes disables images to read the 
descriptions because he finds difficult to identify certain icons. The 
alt text is also included when you use Ctrl+C to copy the contents of a 
web page, so it can also be read if the user copies the text into 
another tool (for example, a TTS application that is not a screen reader).

> With other words, when e.g. the MSAA accessible name (get_accName) 
> property is satisfied, all good, no matter WHO or WHAT does that.

Of course I assume that MSAA is just an example, the technique should be 
also accessibility supported on other non-Windows platforms. In my 
opinion, every technique should include an "accessibility support" 
section that includes only the environments where the technique has been 
tested and verified to be valid.


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