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Welcome Marta!!


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>Dear All,
>Thank you for warm welcoming :)
>My story in short:
> For last four years I have worked in Opera Software as operator
>compliance engineer. I was working there very close with many w3c
>specifications supported by Opera, my expert area is/was Widgets and CSS.
>Three months ago I joined Samsung Electronics in Poland and I get
>opportunity to cooperate with w3c closer. I choose WAI and WCAG in
>particular due to personal reasons. First reason is that my beloved aunt is
>blind and I know from experience how this is difficult for her to keep up
>while most available technologies on the market does not support people with
>disabilities. Second one is I love internet :) and I believe we should not
>exclude peoples just because they are impaired, they should also be able to
>access content on internet as anyone else.
>How I would like to contribute to our work:
> I would like to participate in HTML5 Techniques for WCAG 2.0 Task
>Force :) I've already put my 2 cents in HTML5 image longdesc spec and I
>would like to involve even more now when I'm a member of both teams (WCAG
>and PFWG). I'm very interested in HTML5 and I believe I can be valuable
>asset for this group. 
>Best regards,
>Marta Pawlowska
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>Subject: Welcome to the WCAG working group
>Dear Marta,
>You are very welcome to the WCAG working group and we look forward to 
>your input.
>It would be great if you could email the working group list and tell us 
>a little bit about yourself and what your interests are and how you 
>would like to contribute to our work. [1]
>If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, or Andrew 
>Kirkpatrick (fellow co-chair), and Michael Cooper,staff contact - or 
>ping the list directly.
>Joshue O Connor
>Co-chair WCAG Working Group

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