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Here are the minutes of todays meeting, thanks to Detlev for scribing.[1]




HTML Techniques Task Force

11 Feb 2013

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Joshue, Detlev, Jon_Gunderson, James_Nurthen, Marc_Johlic

Identify outstanding repair work on existing techniques.
Identify next tranche of techniques for review by the wider group.
Summary of Action Items
<scribe> scribe:Detlev
Identify outstanding repair work on existing techniques.

Josh: get an overview as to what needs to be done to get them ready for 
... what about your techniques, Jon?
Jon: not yet been able to update techniques
Josh: wants to build realistic expectations when and what might be tackled
Jon: aria-describedby for link purpose for 2.4.4 might be a good candidate
Jon, migh rtbe doable by thursday morning to be put into a survey
Jon: will send link to update
Marc: updated 2.4.4 aria-abel for link purpose - unclear whether it is 
going to be used
Josh: should be put up forreview
Marc: was referring to the first one for SC 2.4.4, aria-label for link 
<Joshue108> DF: I'll do some testing on some of Lorettas.
<Joshue108> DF: I've also been looking at Gez's site so I'm going to 
look at some of those.
Detlev: discussing Javascript aspects of techniques like the dialogue 
with aria proposed recently by Gez Lemon
Josh: would also like to see fully formed examples
James: very busy currently...
<Joshue108> DF: Does anyone have examples that I could use?
<Joshue108> JG: Hans Hillen has some.
Changes that Hans has made have been rolled back into JQuery so we 
should look at that
Jon: The difficult bit is prococessing the key strokes
Detlev: I was thinking of including keyboard support
James: It's all client-side stuff in JQuery
Detlev: wonder if it's worthwhile to isolate some bits and build them 
independently without reliance on a JS framework
Josh: we may not want to be seen to close to any particular framework 
like JQuery
Jon: Question is if you want to support older versions of IE (7 and below)
... if we can ignore older IE it would simplify things a lot
... dialog boxes are difficult because people are using them for 
confirmation - may be able to help next week
Detlev: will give it a go, not sure by when
Josh: James, whart's a realistic timeline for work on techniques?
James: Depends on CSUN, hard to tell - probably after CSUN
Josh: wil be away until Monday 4th March
James: will drive meeting till then
Josh: will be unavailable for most of March
Identify next tranche of techniques for review by the wider group.

Josh: any issues
Marc: Question to Hans Hillen stuff going back into JQuery - how to find 
out, is there a way?
James: There should have been something in the changelogs (1.9)
Josh: thwere is a statement in the last URI
Wrap-up of nmeeting!

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