FINAL 4 SC Survey for WCAG2ICT Task Force

The WCAG WG has approved all but 4 SC in WCAG2ICT. 
Three of these were approved for documents only and 1 was approved but later found to have a problem and sent back. 
All issues were around the topic of "set of software".

The WCAG2ICT Task Force has now created a definition of "set of software" as requested, and revised the 4 SC involved. 

These 5 items are now submitted to the WCAG WG for approval.  There is also a 6th item which asks a clarifying question for SC 3.2.4 and suggests that the clarification also be included in the INTENT for that SC in Understanding WCAG 2.0.

Please review the WCAG2ICT Task Force changes to address our comments on these last 4 SC .

The survey is at

This will be our other major item on the Agenda this week. 

WCAG Co-Chair

Received on Monday, 11 February 2013 07:01:33 UTC