I look at this code and wonder what one is trying to accomplish:
Use ARIA for the sake of using it?
Heading tags expose structure and one can use them  suitably to do so.
If the regions marked by aria roles has the  same labels as the content of an h-tag, what is one accomplishing?
These are useless for sighted users anyway.
For assistive technology users (mainly vision impaired ones) this is plain duplication.
It is more useful if the label text described what  one sees visually but is not available by other markup, like
<ul role="navigation" aria-label="secondary">  
So when one tells me go to the secondary navigation or main navigation, I know what they refer to.
If someone were to say go to the 'Horses on Sale' or 'Mares' sections, I can do so easily using h-navigation.
The code sample below  is unnecessary code I think.
Sailesh Panchang

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Schnabel, Stefan wrote:
> The world has turned. We need also similar examples using the new HTML5 sectioning elements in combination with<h1>,<h2>  etc.
> See e.g
> So the examples could be extended to e.g.:
> <div role="main" aria-labelledby="ID_MAIN_CONTENT_LABEL">
>     <h1 id="ID_MAIN_CONTENT_LABEL">Horses for sale</h1>
>     <section role=”region” aria-labelledby="ID_SECTION_CONTENT_LABEL">
>        <h2 id="ID_SECTION_CONTENT_LABEL">Mares</h2>
>        <article>
>           <h3>Pink Diva</h3>
>           <p>Pink Diva has given birth to three Grand National winners.</p>
>        </article>

Thanks for that Stefan. That sounds in line with what Jon was suggesting



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