Re: Common failures (was: Common failures and baseline)


Ineke van der Maat wrote:
> So I don't understand why a baseline is necessary for accessibility: a 
> website should be accessible and understandable without plug-ins and and 
> other things that are not default in a browser and everything that can 
> be turned off in browsers.

I already tried to explain that on our german-language list: what you 
list in your baseline (what you want to rely on) depends on the audience 
you write your content for. If your audience is users of the world wide 
web, the baseline has to be much lower than for a closed environment 
audience with homogenous technology support. For an intranet application 
e.g. you may be able to use different solutions to meet a success 
criterion than for the same application used on the WWW. You may even 
rely on technology supported only via plugins if the plugins are 
available and usble by everyone in the audience.
Johannes Koch
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