Re: Common failures

Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
> If a technology is not supported by user agents including AT it should not
> be in a baseline -- and the content would not conform to WCAG 2.0.    

But that leeds us to a problem I think Christophe already raised. Is 
HTML supported by user agent including AT? How much of a technology has 
to be implemented, so that I can list the technology in a baseline?

Can I list HTML 4 in my baseline and then use HTML technique H28 
(<>) although IE <= version 6 does 
not know the abbr element?

Can I list XHTML 1 in my baseline when I know that some user agents 
don't support the proper MIME type application/xhtml+xml, but only 
support XHTML 1 via Appendix C?

Is the sufficiency of a technique dependent on the baseline _and_ the 
support for technology features used in this specific technique in user 
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