Re: General And Specific Techniques?

I'm still a bit confused so I'll try to point out what I find unclear.

In the 'understanding' document there are general techniques and associated 
technology specific techniques. The general techniques say you're sufficient 
"using *one* of the technology specific techniques below". Does this mean 
"just one"? Shouldn't they all be used?

Looking through the 'understanding' document it appears that only the 
general techniques are designated as sufficient. There are no technology 
specific techniques that are sufficient. (Is that right?) However some of 
the sufficient general techniques say to use the technology specific 
techniques (Example SC 1.1.1). So it's unclear if the specific techniques 
are sufficient.

The general and specific techniques are associated in the 'understanding' 
document and they are also associated in the 'technique's document. However 
the associations are often different in the 2 documents.

I wonder if this would be easier to understand if the technology specific 
techniques were removed from the 'understanding' document and kept only in 
the 'techniques' document. Each general technique would contain a list of 
the technology specific techniques.


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> General technique are sometimes sufficient in themselves and sometime they
> need to be implemented USING a technology specific technique and sometime
> they just need to be used in combination with a technology specific
> technique (or another general technique).
> Everything that is sufficient is numbered.   If there is one thing - then 
> it
> is sufficient by itself.   If there is more than one thing (usually
> connected by the word "USING" or "AND" then the combination is sufficient.
> Examples often include specific technologies, and specific topic and even
> web site names.   These are just examples and not limited to that 
> technology
> or that topic or to websites that have that name.   We would like to vary
> the technologies in our examples more but are trying to not get into
> proprietary technologies in our documents very much.   So we use or 
> overuse
> W3C technologies in examples.
> Suggestions always welcome.
> Gregg

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