2.2 L1 SC1 Timeout reworded

>From another group I am working with - we did a variation on our Level 1
timing guideline.   


It says the same thing as ours but puts the exceptions up front rather than
as alternatives for timing adjusting


It looks like



Unless limits placed on the timing of user responses are essential to
maintaining the integrity of the task or activity or are based on real life
time constraints (e.g. an auction), users should be able to adjust each
content-specified user response time parameter (i.e., timeout) in one or
more of the following ways:

o        the user is allowed to deactivate the time-out or; 

o        the user is allowed to adjust the time-out over a wide range which
is at least ten times the length of the default setting or; 

o        the user is warned before time expires, allowed to extend the
time-out with a simple action (for example, "hit any key") and given at
least 20 seconds to respond 





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