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>   is CSS tech on foreground and background color necessary?
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 From IBM comments on June 30, 2005 WD:  How is this an accessibility 
issue?  It needs clarification.  If this isn't an accessibility issue 
than should remove this technique or provide justification.

Roberto Scano:

This is needed for colour contrast. Without defining a background or a 
colour, browser will setup the default theme colour.

Yep, e.g.:
UA stylesheet:
   color: #000;
   background-color: #ccc
Author stylesheet (assuming a 'default' background-color: #fff):
   color: #666

will result in
   color: #666;
   background-color: #ccc

which may not be enough contrast. The user will need to override the 
colour in the author stylesheet by a user stylesheet. But customization 
of user stylesheets is not very user-friendly in today's browsers.
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