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Hi Gian,

At 09:08 29/08/2005, Gian Sampson-Wild wrote:
While researching my action item on Checkpoint 10.2 I noticed that we did 
not map WCAG 1.0 Checkpoint 12.4: Associate labels explicitly with their 
controls with the following SC:
    WCAG 2.0 GL 4.2 Level 1 SC:
     The label of each user interface control that accepts input
     from the user can be programmatically determined and is
     explicitly associated with the control.

It is currently mapped to:
     WCAG 2.0 GL 1.3 Level 1 SC
     Structures within the content can be programmatically determined.

I believe the former is the more appropriate mapping.

GL 4.2 Level 1 SC 4 is indeed the mapping that came out of the surveys; GL 
1.3 Level 1 SC 1 is the previous situation 
( As far as I know, the 
updated mapping is currently only available in the mailing list archive, at


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