Re: [techs] test 178 was Table Summary Tests (111, 112, 113, 114, 203)

Our test 178 requires that all non decorative images, except those used as 
anchors, have alt text.

Joe and others have suggested that you can set the alt text to null ("") if 
there is text immediately preceding or following the image that describes 
the image.

It's common practice to display images with this sort of text. Here's one 
random example:
(In this example the alt attributes are missing and should be present.)

We've already recoginzed that duplicate alt text can be an accessibility 
problem with test 175 - alt text for anchor images is different from the 
link text:

Should test 178 be modified to require (or at least allow) alt text to be 
null if text immediately preceeding or following the image describes the 


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