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On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Bob Regan wrote:

> Is anyone actively raising issues with Freedom Scientific? Is there
> Freedom Scientific rep on WCAG?

Every time I try, I either get ignored or get yelled at. Actually, though, 
the E-mail address for the guy who kept yelling now bounces, so I have one 
less contact there.

When I report things to GW Micro, I usually get a response. IBM sometimes. 
I was a beta-tester for VoiceOver and had most of my bug reports accepted, 
but few acted on. The Linux stuff? Well, one of the two users in the world 
is on this Working Group, and the other one answers mail.

Now, indeed, why would screen-reader manufacturers *not* read these lists, 
at least once a week, say? They're available on the Web. We don't move so 
quickly that a one-week delay in response would kill us.

Why is it our problem to have to go out and persuade screen-reader and 
other adaptive-technology manufacturers to work with us? Does WAI not have 
an Education & Outreach Working Group for that purpose?

In any event, I view this as less important an issue than presenting 
whatever Jaws and IE6 does as the norm and customizing around that.


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