Re: [techs] Table Summary Tests (111, 112, 113, 114, 203)

> I'm concerned that we have tests that map to Level 1 Success Criteria [1] 
> and to an optional technique [2].
The guideline/SC/level is still open to change on all the tests. This one 
looks like it will change for sure.

> add "optional" to the title of the test?
There's a section in the test document that describes the guideline/SC and 
level the test maps to. If the test becomes optional, how about I'll put it 

> In the procedure it says, "Note: A data table is defined as (TODO: link to 
> data table definition in techniques document when it's ready.)"  Didn't we 
> decide that was a rat hole?
There's been a lot of discussion regarding tables so I may have missed that 
resolution. Have you got a link handy?

>>Test 112 - All data table summaries contain text.
>>Test 113 - All data table summaries are greater than 10 printable 
Yes, it looks like we need one or the other, not both.

> Couldn't you have an appropriate summary in Japanese that is less than 10 
> characters?
Ooops, I've left off "English". The summary must be greater than 10 
characters if the text is English. It will change for other languages.

> "Determine if the summary describes the purpose and structure of the 
> table. " seems pretty objective.  Is there any other guidance we could 
> give someone? If not, I'm not sure we need this test since it doesn't seem 
> to clarify the technique in anyway.
"Purpose and structure of the table" is the language used in the HTML spec 
(and in the techniques doc).

It would be helpful to clarify what that means but I think that should go in 
the techniques.

> prereq test needs to be reworded from "Layout table must not use th 
> elements." to something like, "Layout tables don't use the th element"
Yes, thanks for picking that up.


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