Re: [techs] Table Summary Tests (111, 112, 113, 114, 203)


Thank you for proposing these.

At 10:09 AM 8/12/2005, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>In response to our test case review assignment, here are the tests related 
>to HTML table summaries:
>Test 111 - All data table elements have a summary attribute.

I'm concerned that we have tests that map to Level 1 Success Criteria [1] 
and to an optional technique [2].  Perhaps, as we do with techniques, we 
add "optional" to the title of the test? Also, since it is optional, we 
could remove the "all" so that it reads: "Test 111 - Data table elements 
have a summary attribute (optional)."

[1] <>
[2] <>

Also, the prerequisite needs to be reworded from, "Data table must use th 
elements." to something like, "Data tables have th elements"

In the procedure it says, "Note: A data table is defined as (TODO: link to 
data table definition in techniques document when it's ready.)"  Didn't we 
decide that was a rat hole?
/me not looking forward to that discussion again...

>Test 112 - All data table summaries contain text.

This seems odd to me, what else would they contain?  Is "one printable 
character" actually helpful? What if it is a space character? Instead, how 
about testing that the summary attribute is not null?

>Test 113 - All data table summaries are greater than 10 printable characters.

If you have the previous test, why do you need this one?  I don't think 
this test will work cross-languages.  Couldn't you have an appropriate 
summary in Japanese that is less than 10 characters?

>Test 203 - All data table summaries describe the purpose and structure of 
>the table.

"Determine if the summary describes the purpose and structure of the table. 
" seems pretty objective.  Is there any other guidance we could give 
someone? If not, I'm not sure we need this test since it doesn't seem to 
clarify the technique in anyway.

>Test 114 - All layout tables have an empty summary or no summary.

prereq test needs to be reworded from "Layout table must not use th 
elements." to something like, "Layout tables don't use the th element"

>We currently don't have a test for long table summaries but I can add one 
>if people think it necessary.

I don't think it is necessary.


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