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Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:

>  LABEL must not contain INPUT.
> <>   
> I wholeheartedly disagree with this.  This is valid HTML/XHTML and I
> have yet to find an issue with any of the user agents so long as the
> for/id attributes are also used, as they should be. On many forms this
> is in fact desireable since the label element takes CSS styling nicely
> so that a developer can put label {display:block;} into the CSS and have
> a very clean, neat, valid HTML file that works well with user agents
> also.  I don't think that a valid practice should be prohibited.

Although it is valid, I think it's semantically questionable. From a 
markup perspective, the contents of an element are part of the element. 
A text or an image that appear in an h1 element make up a level 1 
headline. So a form control descendant of a label element would be 
considered part of the label. Hmm. But this is not an accessibility issue.
Johannes Koch
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