Re: Balancing the myth-busting.

Gez Lemon wrote:
> Fail it then. I'm not defending that script; far from it. In terms of
> standards, it's as far away as you could get. I respect Bobby van der
> Sluis, and appreciate anyone who contributes so much of their free
> time to make things work, but I dislike that script. It won't work
> with application/xhtml+xml because it's not standards compliant. Being
> flagged as not standards compliant by a validator is a good thing in
> my opinion.

Validity is only a subset of standards compliance. The script _is_ not 
standards-compliant, because the HTML 4.01 spec says 

   "HTML documents are constrained to conform to the HTML DTD both before
   and after processing any SCRIPT elements."

Inserting invalid elements via scripting is an error according to this 
passage in the HTML spec.

> I strongly disagree. If you already have a document tree, what can be
> difficult about inserting nodes and attributes?

AFAIK, OpenSP, the software behind the markup validator, does not have a 
DOM parser, and so has no document tree to use for manipulation via DOM 

Johannes Koch
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