Re: Balancing the myth-busting.

Hi David,

> > I think technology could be improved, but also strongly believe that
> > education is important. Please don't put words in my mouth, as I
> > wouldn't do that to you.
> You already have done so this evening.

I've already put words in your mouth, or I've already said that
education isn't important? I wasn't aware I had done either. Could you
please be more explicit so that I can either apologise and retract my
statement, or defend what I actually said.

> > > > And that can only be done through education
> > > That statement contradicts the rest of your claims.
> > How? Have I stated anywhere that education isn't important?
> I apologise, I mistook your statement in response to:
>    "No, users of it need to understand what it does and what the
>     results actually mean."
> ... as implicit agreement with my POV..

I explicitly agree with your point of view regarding education. I just
disagree that there isn't room for improvement with the markup

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