RE: Balancing the myth-busting.

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  As important as ... what? Such a question would need to be phrased
  very carefully, and I doubt we would find a consensus.

Roberto Scano:
Yes, sorry for the wrong expression. But what I want to said is: can we
authorize violation of other W3C Rec. In the name of an undefined
accessibility? Or we want - for eg. - defend the use of <embed> for publish
Flash contents (this means that we authorize proprietary tags that are used
wrongly since 8 years from a big vendor?), authorize the creation of
proprietary elements/attributes.
Otherwise we can stay with WCAG 1.0, eventually put a "Second Edition" for
remove the "Until user agents...": removing validation we turn on wayback
machine of about 5 years (with thanks of some obsolete web editor products).

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