RE: John's proposed wording for Principle 4

Looks very interesting 

Everyone - please post any comments you have against the following.  If we
don't identify any (that we can't address) I propose we move to this

If we get comments - we can address/incorporate them and move to new

At 01:34 PM 7/15/2005, Neil Whiteley wrote:
  I propose that all 4 Principals (taking into account Johns proposal) 
could be written thus:

1. Content is perceivable
2. User interface components in the content are operable 
3. Content and controls are understandable 
4. Content is able to work with current and future technologies

(the last one may be a bit specific. Robust was too vague but 'working with
future technologies" is a bit impossible.  Anyone think of a fix or way to
not sound so ....... hard to achieve? (since we can never really make things
so that they will work with all future technologies) 


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