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RE: Semantics [was: Re: Well-formed (was: Re: F2F Proposed Resolutions Draft Updates)]

From: Mike Barta <mikba@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:31:01 -0700
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Might we move 'well formed' into guide doc as part of the discussion of
sufficiency and state only that SGML derived documents be unambiguously

Leave to guide or techniques the 'test' of well formedness and have the
SC state what we intend:  that the parse tree is available


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This means that xhtml pages served as text/html for IE (and
application/xhtml+xml for others), for IE are inside first case
(SGML-based formats).
Also "HTML Techniques" need also to be HTML/XHTML (or "Markup
Techniques"), due that inside there are also example of "correct use" of
<applet> and <embed> elements? And, also, there is suggested to use
target attribute for open new windows instead of script: but "target"
is not allowed in XHTML 1.0 Strict (and also in HTML 4.01 Strict)...

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    Oggetto: Re: Semantics [was: Re: Well-formed (was: Re: F2F Proposed
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    Hi Joe,
    At 19:16 17/06/2005, Joe Clark wrote:
    >>It is true that SGML does not define well-formedness, but if you
say that 
    >>a well-formed document is essentially "one that can unambiguously
    >>parsed to create a logical tree in memory" (Jon Bosak, at 
    >>http://www.isgmlug.org/n3-1/n3-1-18.htm), then you can apply this
    >>also to SGML.
    >OK, so let me understand this: The Working Group is contemplating
    >a vague and counterfactual guideline based on one person's blog
    The new success criterion is not based on Jon Bosak's article; if
you had 
    that impression, that is entirely my fault (i.e. the wording of my
    to Gez Lemon). I tried to identify criteria for well-formedness
"after the 
    We now have 2 SCs at GL 4.1 L 1: one for SGML-based formats and one
for all 
    other formats. We may consider splitting the first one into two SCs:
    that requires well-formedness for XML-based formats and one that
    something else for non-XML SGML-based formats, but we're still
    to define this "something else". If we want to stick to the terms of
    SGML standard, we could require that "Non-XML SGML-based delivery
units are 
    formatted according to the SGML declaration of their specification
or to 
    the Reference Concrete Syntax if no SGML declaration is defined." We
    then add a note saying that this does not require (type-)validity.
The XML 
    specification does not define well-formedness by means of an SGML 
    declaration but in Extended Backus Naur Form; this is why I propose
    split the first rule instead of treating XML as a special case of
    An SGML declaration defines such things as the character set and the

    characters that can be used for delimiters (e.g. <, >, </); it
defines a 
    "concrete syntax". The Reference Concrete Syntax is a concrete
    defined in the SGML standard.
    (Note that SGML parsers are not required to detect or report
    Christophe Strobbe
    Christophe Strobbe
    K.U.Leuven - Departement of Electrical Engineering - Research Group
    Document Architectures
    Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 - 3001 Leuven-Heverlee - BELGIUM
    tel: +32 16 32 85 51

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