FW: 4.2 notes/proposals

Extensive edits are proposed for 4.2.

These include provisions to cover baseline issues and provisions to replace
L1 SC2 as proposed by the 4.2 working group.  


The result is below


Guideline 4.2 

Level 1 

1.	If content does not meet all level 1 success criteria, then an
alternate form is provided that does meet all level 1 success criteria.
[issue: include baseline] 
2.	Content using baseline technologies or non-baseline technologies,
must meet the following criteria: 

a.	Content that violates international health and safety standards for
general flash <>  or red flash <>  is marked in a way that the user can
avoid <>  its appearance (2.2 L1) 
b.	If the user can enter the content using the keyboard, then the user
can exit the content using the keyboard.

3.	The role, state, and value can be programmatically determined for
every user interface component of the web content that accepts input from
the user or changes dynamically in response to user input or external
4.	The label of each user interface control that accepts input from the
user can be programmatically determined and is explicitly associated with
the control.
5.	The states and values of content that can be changed via the user
interface can also be changed programmatically. 
6.	Changes to content, structure, selection, focus, attributes, values,
state, and relationships within the content can be programmatically
[ Issue: how much of this is just a user agent requirement? When does the
author have responsibility for any of this?]

Level 2

1.	Accessibility conventions of the markup or programming language
(API's or specific markup) are used.
[delete or move to level 3? rationale: this creates a requirement that
references documents that are not generated through an open process] 

Level 3

1.	Content implemented using technologies outside of baseline follows
all WCAG requirements supported by the technology. 

Related proposal

Accept another recommendation from 4.2 group to promote the following
success criterion in 2.4 to level 1: 

*	When a page or other delivery unit is navigated sequentially,
elements receive focus in an order that follows relationships and sequences
in the content [currently @ Level 3] 


Received on Thursday, 16 June 2005 23:40:03 UTC