2 levels or 3

The topic of levels of conformance was discussed in the Face to Face.  In
the process a number of options were identified.  Most of the options have
to do with what to do with the items at levels 1,2 and 3 if a two level
system was adopted.   

The following options were considered:

1.  three levels (as current)

2.  two levels (everything in 3 is moved out of guidelines 
       and put in advisory/guide)

3.  two levels (some of level 3 is moved to advisory/guide, 
       some of level 3 is moved up to level 2)

4.  two levels where everything from 3 is combined into 2

5.  two levels where everything in 3 is moved up to level 2 
       and certain items from level 2 are moved up to level 1

6.  one level which is normative (which includes level 1 
       and some of level 2 SCs), rest is informative provisions

7.  three levels, where level 3 is divided into several 
       categories that people can claim conformance to.

RE: #7 - the L3 SCs would be grouped by categories such as "Media" or
"Seizure".  Some of these would have just one SC in them.  People could
claim Level 2 conformance plus conformance to the "Media" items at level 3.
They could also claim conformance to Level 3 if they wished. 

(The group determined that full L3 conformance could be done given the
revised guidelines recommended - but would probably only take place for
simple web pages/sites.) 

The decision was made to submit the question of 2 level or 3 to the full
group for discussion and feedback and review the results at the Thursday
Telecon and make a decision. 

Received on Thursday, 16 June 2005 22:17:24 UTC