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Re: Implications of proposed baseline definitions

From: Tim Boland <frederick.boland@nist.gov>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 09:25:05 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org

I am concerned about the possible implications of including such
baseline-related "hooks" directly into some (but not all?) of the normative 
success criteria,
particularly in relation to QA SpecGL Requirement 07 ("use a consistent 
style for
conformance requirements and explain how to distinguish them" [1]) and
Requirement 08 ("indicate which conformance requirements are mandatory,
which are recommended, and which are optional" [2]).  I am also concerned about
use of the word "implicitly" (in excerpted text following) regarding 
conformance, conformance model and testability.  Perhaps I am 
misunderstanding, but have all the implications of this (possibly major?) 
change at this point
to the wording of success criteria been considered?

[2]: http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/WD-qaframe-spec-20050428/#req-opt-conf-principle

>2. We need to introduce "hooks" into the guidelines that make explicit
>reference to the baseline. A draft of this has already been written, but
>it has to be incorporated into the success criteria in all those places
>where they rely implicitly on the baseline. In the past, this hasn't
>been made plain in the document, in part because we didn't have a firm
>strategy for dealing with these dependencies; but now that the concept
>of baseline has solidified we need to make sure the success criteria
>reflect it.
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