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Re: Proposal for Guideline 1.1 (Example 7)

From: John M Slatin <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:09:08 -0500
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Wendy wrote:
* Example 7: an internet radio station.
A radio station broadcasts over the internet. The station's Web
site describes the type of music played, a schedule of the shows, and
the "current song" is updated each time the DJ starts a new track.
Interviews are recorded and published in the archives. Transcripts of
the archived interviews are provided per Guideline 1.2 Provide
synchronized alternatives for multimedia.

I'm not sure we should deal with examples on the call (some time ago we
agreed that these should be handled as editorial matters, I think), but
in any case:
I like the example very much, but I think the last sentence is a
problem.  The audio interview is audio only (no video), so technically
it's not "multimedia" within the definition we've been using during our
discussions.  It's just audio. So it's not covered by GL 1.2.  It would
be covered by GL 1.1 L1 SC2, which requires a text transcript for *audio
only* in my view (not for multimedia, which *is* covered under 1.2.
So I propose accepting the example but changing the last sentence to
read as follows:
Transcripts of
the archived interviews are provided as required by GL 1.1 L1 SC2 For
non-text content that is used to convey information, text alternatives
convey the same information.

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