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RE: HTML messages (was: Re: Please comment on issue summaries)

From: Yvette Hoitink <y.p.hoitink@heritas.nl>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 12:41:23 +0200
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Message-ID: <E1DQ11s-0008BG-9n@maggie.w3.org>

Jens Meiert wrote:
On this list, it seems to come into vogue to post HTML messages instead of
plain text mails (Lisa, Becky) - is this really necessary?

I don't want to start a discussion about plain text and HTML mails (no I
won't), but personally, I definitely do prefer the text form (as I always

I agree with Jens. With text messages, everyone can select their own font
preferences in their mailtool while with HTML you have to jump through hoops
to do the same thing, if the tool allows it at all. I catch myself missing
items from John's mails sometimes because the font is so large I don't see
the entire sentence at once and skip words (how's that for a paradox?)

My opinion: Although I see the benefit of HTML in some cases I would prefer
it if we stick to plain text for the mails themselves. If you feel you need
the additional markup possibilities that HTML provides, just attach the
HTML-version to the plain text mail. I did this for my 2.4 summary as well. 

Gregg, John, could you please give your opinion about this?

Yvette Hoitink
Heritas, Enschede, the Netherlands
E-mail: y.p.hoitink@heritas.nl
WWW: http://www.heritas.nl 
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