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UAAG Priority 1 checkpoint analysis summary

From: Loretta Guarino Reid <lguarino@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:40:00 -0700
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Message-id: <>

UAAG checkpoints currently covered by WCAG guidelines:

1.1 Full keyboard access
         WCAG 2.1 requires keyboard access to all functionality
1.2 Activate event handlers
         WCAG 2.1 requires keyboard access to all functionality
1.3 Provide text messages
         WCAG 1.1 requires text equivalents
2.1 Render content according to specification
         WCAG 4.1 requires writing to spec (but at level 3)
2.4 Allow time-independent interaction
         WCAG 2.2 requires that users be able to control time limits on 
their reading or interaction
2.5 Make captions, transcripts, audio descriptions available
         WCAG 1.2 requires synchronized alternatives to multi-media; WCAG 
1.1 requires test alternatives
4.14 Choose style sheets
         WCAG 1.3 capture the author requirements
10.1 Associate table cells and headers
         WCAG 1.3/2.4 covers table structure

UAAG checkpoints that are user agent issues:

2.2 Provide text view
2.6 Respect synchronization cues
3.4 Toggle scripts
4.1 Configure text scale
4.2 Configure font family
4.3 Configure text colors
4.4 Slow multimedia
4.5 Start, stop, pause, and navigate multimedia
4.6 Do not obscure captions
4.7 Global volume control
4.8 Independent volume control
4.9 Configure synthesized speech rate
4.10 Configure synthesized speech volume
4.11 Configure synthesized speech characteristics
6.7 Conventional keyboard APIs
6.8 API character encodings
7.1 Respect focus and selection conventions
7.2 Respect input configuration conventions
8.1 Implement accessibility features
10.2 Highlight selection, content focus, enabled elements, visited links
10.6 Highlight current viewport
11.1 Current user input configuration
12.1 Provide accessible documentation
12.2 Provide documentation of accessibility features
12.3 Provide documentation of default bindings

UAAG checkpoints that may need additional coverage in WCAG:

2.3 Render conditional content
         Do we need a requirement to expose conditional content 
3.1 Toggle background images
         WCAG 1.4 requires making it easy to distinguish foreground 
information from background information. However, we may need a requirement 
that the background image can be identified programmatically
3.2 Toggle audio, video, animated images
         We think audio and video will always be identifiable 
programmatically, but we may need to add a requirement for animated images
3.3 Toggle animated or blinking text
         Do we need a requirement to identify animated or blinking text 
programmatically? Does WCAG 2.3 cover this sufficiently?
3.5 Toggle automatic content retrieval
         Do we need a requirement to be able to identify automatic content 
retrieval programmatically?

Guideline 6: Implement interoperable application programming interfaces: 
See Wendy's analysis
         6.1 Programmatic access to HTML/XML infoset
         6.2 DOM access to HTML/XML content
         6.3 Programmatic access to non-HTML/XML content
         6.5 Programmatic operation of user agent user interface

Guildeline 9: Provide navigation mechanisms: See Loretta's analysis
         9.1 Provide content focus
         9.2 Provide user interface focus
         9.3 Move content focus
         9.4 Restore viewport state history
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