Re: Need for exemptions for teaching materials, samples, multilingual documents

About half of the test files in our test suite [1] contain known 
accessibility problems. That's their purpose - they're examples of 
accessibility problems. I think this is a concrete example of what Joe is 
talking about.

Perhaps Joe's concerns can be addressed in a conformance statement. Wendy 
recently posted a draft of a WCAG2 conformance statement [2] that includes a 
required scope for the claim (item 7). She has suggested that the scope 
include a list of URI's or an expression that identifies the scope of the 
claim. I agree that the scope is a necessary part of the claim.

I suggest we allow authors to include exceptions within the scope statement. 
For example a scope claim for the test suite could look like:

"All the HTML files in the test suite are WCAG2 Level 2 compliant except for 
example files that contain known accessibility problems."

In a case like this we could require that all links to non-compliant example 
files be clearly marked as such. We could also require that all the 
compliant files contain a conformance icon or statement.

Joe - is this use of the conformance statement enough to satisfy your 



Received on Tuesday, 19 April 2005 06:07:52 UTC