programmatically determined or determined programmatically.

In working on the combination of 1.4 and 1.5 I observed that the term we
used to use "programmatically determined"  might be easier to contrast with
"programmatically located"  than the new term  "derived programmatically"
that we recently decided to go with.

If we used "programmatically determined" the two definitions would be next
to each other and easier to contrast with each other.   They would also
sound basically the same and therefore be easier to contrast.  It is also
unclear why we would use one form for one term and another for the other.

Suggest we change "Derived Programmatically" to "Programmatically

Determined seems to fit better than derived anyway - it is even the term we
use in the definition. 

Here are the current definitions. 

Derived Programmatically
Derived programmatically means that the specific value can be determined in
a standard, machine or software readable form.
Programmatically Located 

Programmatically located means that the value can be found, though there may
be multiple possible values (for example, providing a dictionary definition
for a word that has multiple meanings). This term contrasts derived
programmatically, where the specific value can be determined.



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