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I see your point, Lee, and it makes sense.  I think we would be wise to
avoid phrases like "user agent engines" because the concept of an "engine"
is foreign to most people.  The ones who recognize the term might associate
it with "search engines," but they still won't know what the word "engine"
means in that context, either.

Any tech comm people out there who can help us with this?


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I think we would be extremely limiting if we provided examples of
operating systems.  Although Windows, Mac, and the various flavors of
*nix are somewhat widely known, we still have people out there that use
IBM, and a few other proprietary operating systems.

However, I do think that if we went with something that made direct
reference to the user agent engines being on two separate operating
systems we would be fine.  I just don't know how to word that.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

As I've pointed out, we should clarify that we mean two separate user
agent engines on two separate operating systems.  If for example, JAWS
was ported to Mac we would still have the issue of that program running
on the Internet Explorer engine.

I hope this helps.


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Lee, I'm not sure this will work, but one way to handle it might be to
use the phrase

"... Two or more operating systems" and then use the examples and notes

Example 1: The content can be rendered on Windows, Macintosh, and
Linux/UNIX systems. Would that work? Or do we run into trouble because
Windows and Macintosh are vendor-specific?


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