RE: Checkpoint 1.2 - handling comments

Comments added, prefaced by AS:

Proposal #5

Accept John Slatin's rewording of the Note that appears in the Benefits

Note: Time-dependent presentations requiring people to use a single

to follow two or more things at the same time may present significant

barriers to some users. Depending on the nature of the of presentation,

may be possible to avoid scenarios where, for example, a deaf user would

required to watch an action on the screen and read the captions at the

time. However, this would not be achievable for live broadcasts (e.g. a

football game). Where possible, provide content so that it does not

tracking multiple simultaneous events with the same sense, or give the
user the

ability to effectively control different media signals independently.

GV: suggest we change last sentence to end.   "or give the user the
ability to freeze the video so that captions can be read without missing
the video."

It is not necessary to make this general.  Information is not presented
auditorally simultaneously.    It is a visual problem only.
(Simultaneous tactile???)

Allowing independent control of media streams raises synchronization

AS: Suggest removing this as a success criteria. It is a very specific case
that is best handled in techniques, not as a success criteria, even at
level 3.

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