Re: Proposal deriving from checkpoint 2.1

At 10:13 AM +1000 2001/7/27, Jason White wrote:
>In today's meeting I took an action item to draft a proposal that
>would capture certain aspects of checkpoint 2.1. Here is a first
>Provide a search function or site navigation mechanism.

I like this, but it's a bit confusing in that "a search function"
_is_ a "site navigation mechanism" -- sort of like saying
"provide a bicycle or a method of transportation."

I'm a bit uncomfortable with "be error-tolerant" appearing here
(and here alone) because I think it is important enough to be a
separate checkpoint.

But I think this is a good start and it is clear and straightforward.

What do we do, though, about encouraging people to have more than
one method?  (Yahoo is a good example of the need for this, and
a good example of this principle in action.)


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