Re: Proposal deriving from checkpoint 2.1

For a page, I would suggest that success criteria are met if the page meets
the guidelines in respect of providing a text format and metadata and
structure, since that will make that information available to a user
agent-based search feature.

For making a site search accessible it is important to have machine-readable
links between the pages (for example in XHTML use the link element, or use
RDF and SVG together to produce a sitemap that meets the next of my criteria
as well...), to have an accessible schematic diagram of the site structure. A
more advanced version would enable spellchecking but I think that some of
these things ought to be provided by a search engine - whether these should
be provided on a per site basis or not seems like an interesting question to


On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Jason White wrote:

  In today's meeting I took an action item to draft a proposal that
  would capture certain aspects of checkpoint 2.1. Here is a first

  Provide a search function or site navigation mechanism.


  A search function is a user interface (e.g., a form, a speech input
  grammar etc.) which allows content to be located that satisfies
  given criteria (e.g., key words).

  A site navigation mechanism comprises one or more collections of links
  which are set apart from the main body of the content itself. Examples
  include site maps, tables of contents, indices, etc. Note that in
  virtue of the above definition, hypertext links occurring within the
  content do not constitute a site navigation mechanism.

  Success criteria:

  One or more search functions or navigation mechanisms are provided
  which cover all or selected portions of the content comprising a web

  Search functions are robust in reporting errors and may attempt to
  correct mistakes in user input *e.g., misspellings).

  The site navigation mechanisms are clearly distinguished from the main
  content and can be easily located.


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