Re: color names - CSS techniques for WCAG

As I recall, Netscape borrowed its settings from the X Window System's
rgb.txt file, which has a zillion and one settings (including things like
"aliceblue" and percentages of gray), while IE 3 only knew of the 16 color
names in the HTML spec. So if you chose a color outside of the range of
known names, you got the default, whereas sRGB values stayed constant
(relative to OS color-matching). The problem was that no user agent provides
the kind of facility you're talking about (user-controlled name-value

I know that newer versions of IE support the range of color names (mostly
because I use "aliceblue" to test elements...), but outside of the major
browsers (and devices), they're prone to failure outside the sixteen sRGB
values specified in the HTML 4.01 spec:

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> > There seems to have no writtent rationale for the use of
> > color numbers
> I was asked the same question a little while ago. I think the
> rationale is that "names" are ambiguous, and may not even be set on
> some UAs, whereas numbers are exact and should always be interpreted
> properly on UAs. *However*, I thought that using names of colors may
> allow a user to set the value that they wish for those names ("red at
> #a00000" etc.), acutally providing the user with more control, so I've
> never been too happy with that section in the TECHS document.
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