Re: AAA Conformance of WCAG 1.0? - additional graphics & audio

>   14.2 Supplement text with graphic or auditory
>        presentations where they will facilitate
>        comprehension of the page. [Priority 3]
>This seems to mean that an all-text document (or one with
>text almost exclusively such as the GL home page or the
>WCAG 1.0) cannot conform at Level Triple-A.

PJ:  14.1 has the additional phrase "appropriate for a site's content".
In my opinion that phrase is implied in 14.2,  so, it's not all "all-text
documents" that have
to conform.

>I think we discuss this issue at a teleconference.
> - Ian

PJ:  Yes this should be discussed.  I believe there is a role for the assistive
technology here.
Many tools used by persons with dyslexia, for example Arkenstone's RUBY, add the
and audio which render the "all-text" document accessible.  I do NOT believe it
is a
priority 3 for the author to add that functionality when the audience's tools
can handle it.
Lower level audiences' do not have tools that add enough graphics & audio so
more of the
burden is on the author.

Phill Jenkins

Received on Tuesday, 24 August 1999 10:34:10 UTC