RE: Cognition

At 03:02 PM 8/5/1999 -0400, Chuck Hitchcock wrote:
>I suspect that you have not heard anyone who is blind using a flat,
>non-expressive voice, at 500 words per minute.  

No, I've been told it can be done, but have never heard one in operation.
Without having experienced it, but having experienced a flat non-expressive
voice at a "normal" rate of speed, I don't think I would be able to stand it. 

Kids often try this too but it
>is not unusual for kids using text-to-speech to gain access to subject area
>content in spite of reading difficulties to move through the materials faster
>than their reading peers.

If this is so (I don't doubt it, but it's the first I've heard it), I can
understand your concern about having children move from listening
efficiently to reading inefficiently. 

Anne L. Pemberton
Enabling Support Foundation

Received on Thursday, 5 August 1999 15:36:31 UTC