Re: Suggested issues that may be addressed in next version of guidelines

Naturally you are entitled to your viewpoint however, as someone working in
the field, I can assure you this seems like a very poor excuse for inaction.
As the www and W3C have been around a while I had hoped you might be
refering to research already undertaken.

Many media produce materials that are accesible to non-readers, and that is
with very little and probably no theory.

To what extent do you imagine that these detailed and compelling arguments
will be accessible to non specialists, they will not be.

A few examples will go a lot further, they will need to be tested, and there
will need to be more than one approach, and they will be the tests.
is a very interesting example of an expensive piece of EU funded research in
email for non-readers, it is taking 3 years, probably longer than the www
has had accessible pictures.

a www for those learning to read.

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