Accessibility and sign languages (was Re: Suggested issues ... in next version of guidelines)

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3. Sign language translations of documents (is there an overlap here with
W3C's internationalisation work?)
Could you clarify/expand upon what you're suggesting here? I know we've had this discussion of sign languages - ASL and other - in this list before. I'm not familiar with W3C's internationalization work beyond markup of document source language(s) and encoding(s).

3A) Are you suggesting that documents written in one language - English, say - should be automatically translated into ASL or another sign language?

3B) Are you suggesting that documents written in English (or equivalent source language) should be automatically transcribed into MCE, Manually-Coded English (or equivalent target sign representation)?

3C) Are you asking for discussion of how ASL and other sign languages could be formatted/encoded on the Web?


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