Re: Deleting Your Address.

From:The SFSE(Scientific Facts Search Engine).

When you send an email to EDU,R&D,or Job 
sites,your email might be forwarded via the 
SFSE to find the info you are looking for. 

The NU(NewAmerica University)has received
a copy of your email,but the date is 
Feb/25/99.Do you still need this info?

To refresh your memory you can go again to 
the NU website and look for these topics:

"The Redeemat has solved all environmental 
problems"-"The 9% Producer Fee would eliminate 
crime & taxes within 3 years"-"The free NHRI
(National Health & Retirement Insurance")-
"The job guarantee system(JIC/Job Insurance 
Corporation)"and "The list of 22nd Centurys' 
products & businesses available right now".

Or,request for the records of the SFSE search 
by putting in the subject REQUESTING INFO and 
click REPLY.

Or,in the future send "REQUEST FOR SEARCH"
(on any topic) directly to SFSE, and they will 
do the search for you,put in the subject SFSE.

Or,please allow us to DELETE your address 
permanently by simply clicking REPLY.



Received on Sunday, 4 July 1999 19:23:05 UTC