transparent Graphics

I feel it is important to be considering particular graphics and have
linked to two that appeared today in the UK press.

One concerns a 'pop' star.  The person in the photo is readily
identified, he has a partner, a car, and a highly desirable house.

The house is certainly not his. The car may never have been in the
drive, The couple certainly are a montage on the background.
The car is Mk11 Jaguar convertible car that had never been manufactured.
A special order by a firm of body makers.
He does not have a driving licence.

The story carries on...

However the fact is that the person who cannot read can still attribute
the same, or similiar values to this photomontage that the cursory
reader would.

Most if not all would assume that the house was his, it is only that I
recognise it, and thus 'know' it is not.

This story concerns a woman who's husband died at the wheel, while she
was a passenger. The accelerator was full down. she steered the vehicle
to the verge. A lorry driver shadowed her to prevent other cars getting

This story is a little complex, and a sequence of cartoons, greatly
helps develop and explain the story.

I realize we do not have time to discuss all and every use for pictures,
however, I do feel that it is only by identifying markers that we can
set ideals.

This will undoubtedly involve employing or involving illustrators....

The picture from the first story is reproduced from the Telegraph.
The picture from the second story is reproduced from Metro.
They are reproduced purely for academic reasons.

Received on Thursday, 1 July 1999 17:02:25 UTC