new version WITH CHECKLISTS. please review.

warning:  we recently started using scripts to generate the guidelines.  My
guide and brain throughout the adventure, Ian, has been in Italy since
Wednesday (lucky him <grin>) and things haven't been working as expected.
Needless to say: beware of broken links, strange formatting, and the like.
This release is to get approval from the group on the following list of
changes before going public in the near future.  Ian and I will have
matters straightened out before we take the current information public, of

Primarily, please notice:

1.  we have removed priorities from guidelines
2.  in the guidelines document, we call the points following each rationale
"checkpoints" rather than "techniques."  There are several reasons for
this:  a.  in discussions, people were miscommunicating about the
techniques doc or the techniques in the guidelines.  b.  a technique is a
concrete way to satisfy a checkpoint.
3.  The issues list has been split into two documents:  one for the
guidelines document and one for the techniques document.  These are far
from complete, but it's a start.
4. we have created two "checklists."  one contains only priority one
checkpoints, the other contains all three levels of priority checkpoints.
Note that these are grouped by categories (images & image  maps, tables,
etc.)  These are rough (notice the placeholders in the top headers), but
are to give a proposal of a direction to head.  Note:  you will see all
kinds of strange codes in there such as [+Galt-images].  Please ignore,
these are directives for the scripts to create links to the guidelines
document.  Again, once the scripts are up and running, these will be taken
care of.

Again, we apologize for broken links or other weirdnesses.  Please stay tuned.

I am out all next week (snowboarding in snowy (I HOPE) Oregon).  I will be
returning to the office December 28th.
Happy Holidays!  Be well,
--wendy (for the editors and chairs)

Received on Friday, 18 December 1998 18:51:21 UTC