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Minutes for First WAI ER WG call Friday Oct 16 1998

From: Daniel Dardailler <Daniel.Dardailler@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 14:30:06 +0200
Message-Id: <199810201230.OAA01180@www47.inria.fr>
To: w3c-wai-er-wg@w3.org

On the call:

danield@w3.org -- chair
asgilman@access.digex.net -- scribe


Next meeting: will be an IG meeting.  Len to coordinate with
search list of: 10:a.m. Monday Nov. 3 or 4:p.m. on Nov 4 or 5.
Warning: Boston goes off summer time between now and then. Those
hours are 1500Z and 2100Z as a result.

Bobby team: will consider what sort of document or data store
they would consider to be "a persistent object retaining what is
known of the relationship between Bobby language and WAI document
language."  c.f. section on guidelines coverage in current
technical FAQ.  This is a shared object at the CAST/WAI interface.
not necessarily public but if it is something that makes generating
the FAQ simple, so much the better.

A-prompt team: will share preview access on the website describing
what they are doing with any member of this WG that requests and
accepts distribution restrictions.  This is not ready for public
view yet.

Open issues to keep working on

Next F2F
	Daniel and David are working on joint paper for CSUN.
	Should we meet there?  Or at CHI is Pittsburgh?

Do we all need to develop in Java, or is there a way to write C++
which ports to Java well/automatically? c.f. Forburger vs. INRIA

Business plan: what is the public image of the toolkit, and is
there a "WAI approved" to be had from this exercise, or what?

Public or W3C-member-protected discussion space?  Want to gain
access to products while there is time to fix them at a time when
they need to be shielded from public view?

Snippets of discussion FWIW

Daniel  - WG chair, INRIA researcher, Project Mgr. for WAI 
	- has student building stuff, e.g. trouble report generator.
	- also highly configurable table rewriting module
	- writing in Java.

Wendy	- Trace Ctr.  PA guidelines editor
      - Mark Novak has a table navigator he has been playing with.
	is IE captive for now because of DOM misalignment between
	IE and Netscape DOM interfaces.  Now in Javascript
	use Tabindex and onfocus event in doc to launch script.
	being rewritten in C++ over Microsoft COM.
	Interested in Bobby/Guidelines interface.

Al -	lieutenant to Gregg at Trace for tool subcontract coordination.

Len -	Chairs relevant Interest Group to this group
	Temple University Inst. on Disability
	has developed mockup of output for batch table rewriter
	raised XSL as possible transform definition language

David Clark - CAST, on Bobby team

Keith costorf - CAST, new on Bobby team
	    - working Java upgrade to incorporate Swing Set now,
	    - guidelines update to follow

Chris Ridpath - U. Toronto, lead on A-prompt task.

Joe D'Andrea - AT&T Labs; corporate webmaster; accessibility enthusiast
	- porting accessibility tools to the AT&T intranet environment

Mike Forburger - compiler theory student
	- wrote page munger as a demonstration vehicle
	- written in C++
	- implements many of the notions in the Text Equiv page at ER site
	- e.g. promotes anonymous lists containing bullets from FrontPage
		to proper UL structures.

Michael Pieper - GMD 
	- developed the technology behind ISO 9241 ergonomic eval. tool
	- recent student has done prototype web browser which
	  illustrates HTML 4 and UA guidelines (in part) (not ongoing)
	- has grad student set to develop access-smart HTML editor 
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