RE: Chris's test cases - first checkpoint


Lisa Seeman writes:
> ID 90:
> Does a script that just changes the shading 
> need a no scripts? 
> Etc 

in my opinion the answer to this question is no, the author does not
need to provide a no script tag for such a script.

my rationale is the analogy to images: if the script conveys _relevant_
information then the experience should be represented in text.

by the way, in the case of mere shading, maybe the extension of the css
pseudo classes and voice synthesis properties will provide a better
solution to this problem in the near future but a NOSCRIPT tag would
still not be necessary.

> Objects- is there such a thing as an object 
> that is just visual - with out semantic 
> content? If so then will a blank title do? 
> Let's take an animation/object of an dot 
> getting bigger and smaller. Does the text 
> equivalent need to be larger then the words 
> "dot getting big and small". do we need it 
> at all? What if a description of the object 
> follows in the text. Does an object 
> described above need both a title and 
> embedded text?

i'm not sure what the correct way is to provide an alternative text for
an object and whether the title attribute is actually the intended

as to the animated dot, it depends on the context. if the dot is the
logo of the company or and advertisement campaign etc then it is
relevant information and probably a short text would do the job.

on the other hand, if the description of an object comes before the
object tag itself and the description highlights the visually conveyed
information in such a comprehensive way that an additional text would be
redundant then i would agree that it should be omitted. but how often
does that happen? would a false positive be a better approach for such a

> Applet - Will embedded text do for an applet 
> or do they _need_ an alt as well - And the 
> same kind of issues as with object

first of all, i believe the applet tag is deprecated and should be
replaced rather than be fixed.

secondly, i'm inclined to believe that the embedded text was intended to
be sort of a NOSCRIPT feature. again, depending on the context sometimes
the alt attribute will be enough and often it won't. i can't recall
seeing any applets where an alt attribute was not required.


Received on Thursday, 25 March 2004 15:20:58 UTC