Chris's test cases - first checkpoint

Good work Chris

Initial dilemmas.

Re: All IMG elements must have an ALT attribute.
In WCAG 1 I seem to remember an exception to this rule - were the alt
tag had text that was all repeated in the text.
Wendy - do you remember this one?

Re IMG element cannot have ALT attribute value of null ("") if WIDTH
attribute value and HEIGHT attribute value are both greater than 25. 
ID Number 4 
In most case - but always?

I think that is a general comment of mine, that I am not sure that there
are no exceptions to the rules
Maybe we should have more maybes?
Same comment for assuming that a large picture is important (it could
still be background and have a div with absolute positioning super
imposed on top. (ID Number 5 )

This description I really did not get :
IMG element must contain a LONGDESC attribute. 
ID Number 8 

Same idea for id:8
Any text in image is also in ALT text. - as a pass criteria
Often, if there is a lot of text, and it is important it belongs in the
long desc
If there is a lot of text but it is repeated in the true text we do not
need it at all. If there is a lot of text but it is vastly irrelevant, I
would say forget it (for example a site on dyslexia may have the word
"dyslexia" misspelled in list of different ways)

ID 34:
If FRAMESET element contains 3 or more FRAME elements then FRAMESET
element must contain a LONGDESC attribute that is a valid URI.
-isn't that only if the relationship is complex - otherwise a title on
each frame will do

ID 90:
Does a script that just changes the shading need a no scripts?

Objects- is there such a thing as an object that is just visual - with
out semantic content? If so then will a blank title do? 
Let's take an animation/object of an dot getting bigger and smaller.
Does the text equivalent need to be larger then the words "dot getting
big and small". do we need it at all? What if a description of the
object follows in the text. Does an object described above need both a
title and embedded text?

Applet - Will embedded text do for an applet or do they _need_ an alt as
well - And the same kind of issues as with object

This is a great exercise in defining what we think.

All the best
Lisa Seeman
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