EARL evalusations - general comments

Hi folks,

a lot of EARL evaluations record a number of Assertions at once, made 
as part of an evaluation. It is often useful to be able to make a 
general comment about the evaluation. In Hera we have enabled this by 
adding some notes about the document that includes the evaluation 

<rdf:Description about="">
<rdfs:label>Chaals' evaluation of something</rdfs:label>
<rdfs:comment>This is a pretty rough evaluation. It is really just to 
enable me to test some features of annotating an evaluation in 

What do people think about this approach? In particular, what are the 
implications for manipulating the content - what do we do when we are 
merging several evaluations, to be able to gather the comments 



Charles McCathieNevile                          Fundación Sidar
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Received on Monday, 12 April 2004 00:02:23 UTC