New tool, and new property for EARL?

Hi folks,

There is now enough of a translation for the procedural stuff in Hera 
that I think you can use it. Note that there are still bugs or gaps in 
translation, and the detailed help is still all in Spanish. If you find 
an isolated thing that is bad english please let me know - but if there 
is a whole section the chances are I already do know.

Feel free to try it out and look at the EARL it generates - (it is language negotiated so if you don't 
get it in english it is because your browser isn't asking for english 
content - add ".en" to the end of the URI to force it).

We created a new property "usando": The english title is "using", the 
domain is an assertor (who should be a person), and the range is a 
tool. It describes a tool that was used by the assertor where the tool 
itself didn't really make the decision. So I hope I have the modelling 
right. I think it will be checked when I merge a couple of different 
assertors. So far we just have the instance data - I haven't written 
the definition of the property, but I will write it up and put it into 
our earl extensions namespace. (We also subclassed failing results to 
allow stating that something partially conforms. There is more to do on 



Charles McCathieNevile                          Fundación Sidar                      

Received on Wednesday, 7 April 2004 02:27:24 UTC