Locating the error Re: EARL And Validator

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>Where do I express the line number (and x-path expression) where the error

This for me is the biggest thing missing at the moment (of several,
admittedly) - until it's fixed repair tools aren't going to get much value
out of EARL.

I forget how the WAINu/Annoteamez toold does it, but they must have an
approach. I am pretty sure that Hisoft's tools usen an extension namespace of
tehir own, and I suspect it isn't the same as the one that Jim and NicK

If I recall correctly, Hisoft use line numbers, WAINU uses an Xpointer, and
Jim and Nick use a "fuzzy pointer" - the most flexible approach, in return
for being more complex.

I would suggest that for now you add a property to your assertion - the best
one might be the annotea context property (have a look at the annotea schema
via http://www.w3.org/2001/Annotea to find its details, but I think it has
the right semantics).

At some point it would be nice to pin this down one way or another in the
spec. (There is no reason not to use the context property if it is the right
semantics, of course).



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