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>> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/talks/200311-earl/all.htm

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>Very helpful!
>I really need a description for 'describing the error'.

Do you mean what I have called "locating the error"? I ahven't done that yet.
It's tricky... which I guess is why it is an open issue <grin/>.

I'll add some stuff, and discuss it here in parallel.

>When describing an image, we use the image filename. A problem with this
>approach is that all images with the same filename are treated the same. If
>the author states that image flower.gif does not require a long description
>then we assume that another instance of flower.gif in the same file does not
>require a long description.

This is a question we have looked at in the development of WAINu - being able
to keep the context of an image use is important, as is being able to handle
multiple alt values. LIFT goes some way there in categorising image types -
for a spacer gif there is basically no need to track context, for others
there may be, and others might be icons, where consistent context is itself a
checkpoint requirement.



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