Re: EARL Testcase Clarification

> Do you have a sample output file that you can link to directly?
Here is a sample assertion generated by the program:

  <?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <rdf:RDF xmlns:dc=""
- <earl:WebContent rdf:about="">
  <earl:reprOf rdf:resource="" />
  <earl:Subject rdf:nodeID="/HTML"
rdf:resource="" />
- <earl:result rdf:parseType="Resource">
  <earl:validity rdf:resource="failed" />
rdf:resource="" />
  <earl:message>Document language not identified.</earl:message>
rdf:resource="" />
- <earl:Testcase
" />
rdf:resource="" />

Here's what a user decision looks like:

- <earl:Assertion>
  <earl:Subject rdf:resource="" />
- <earl:Testcase identifier="rex.gif" rdf:resource="/HTML/BODY/P/IMG">
  <earl:testId rdf:resource="8" />
  <check name="Image may require a long description (LONGDESC)." />
  <earl:result rdf:resource="pass" />
- <earl:assertedBy>
- <earl:Person>
  <earl:name>Chris Ridpath</earl:name>
  <earl:email rdf:resource="" />

We (Wendy, Sean) should remove or modify the example code at the EARL page
to remove the
earl:testid lines.

I'm going to take a closer look at the EARL docs and brush up on my RDF
before proceeding.


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> Do you have a sample output file that you can link to directly?
> Actually, the testId property that you use appears in an example, but it
> seems that the specification doesn't work like that - it defines a
> property (as well as a TestCase class) and the schema repeats this, but
> is no testId defined.
> My understanding is that the TestCase class can be used where you want to
> describe a TestCase instead of just assuming that it is already defined
> somewhere else, but that there is nothing that suggests a TestCase is some
> kind of container.
> see for some
> sample data that demonstrates what I mean.
> (I think the ability to define how several tests can imply conformance to
> another requirement is a crucial piece of a complete EARL specification,
> I don't think that is what TestCase does).
> Cheers
> Chaals

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