Re: EARL Testcase Clarification

Do you have a sample output file that you can link to directly?

Actually, the testId property that you use appears in an example, but it
seems that the specification doesn't work like that - it defines a testCase
property (as well as a TestCase class) and the schema repeats this, but there
is no testId defined.

My understanding is that the TestCase class can be used where you want to
describe a TestCase instead of just assuming that it is already defined
somewhere else, but that there is nothing that suggests a TestCase is some
kind of container.

see for some
sample data that demonstrates what I mean.

(I think the ability to define how several tests can imply conformance to
another requirement is a crucial piece of a complete EARL specification, but
I don't think that is what TestCase does).



On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>> You'll presumably let us know if/when you implement anything relevant?
>Here's what I have so far (still alpha):
> Before submitting a file for evaluation, login to the system (select the
>'login' link at the top of the page).
>To view an EARL report of the accessibility problems:
>Enter a URL for evaluation and click the 'Output EARL' radio button.
>This system also records decisions (in EARL) about accessibility problems:
>- Submit an URL for evaluation and click the 'Output HTML' radio button.
>- Select a 'potential' problem from the list of accessibility problems
>(example: Title does not describe the document)
>- Click the 'make decision' button on the problem page
>- Click the 'decisions in EARL' link that now appears at the top of the list
>of accessibility problems
>Any comments regarding the EARL output would be appreciated.

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